Kona Airport Terminal, January 1951.

Margo Duggan Collection, 1949-1954; Pacific Collection, University of Hawaii-Manoa Library (used with permission)

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Some of the people I follow.

Craphound.com - official website for author Cory Doctorow.  Call him a science fiction writer, journalist and blogger like his site says, but I think Cory has a special mirror that allows him to see just around the corner

Chaos Manor - Website for author Jerry Pournelle.  A fine science fiction writer who has been around and known a lot of people.  It would take too long to list Jerry's vast background and interests

TWiT.tv - The online video network of tech-journalist Leo Laporte offering a comprehensive and entertaining variety of shows covering digital technology.  If you watch enough of it you will undoubtedly be amazed, confounded and skeptical, which is the best possible way to become informed     

Electronic Frontier Foundation - If you are not aware of these people you are not nearly aware enough.

GreentechMedia - A good source for news and information on renewable energy technology

SpaceX - Cheap commercial spacecraft are only stage 1 in Elon Musk's plan.  Stage 2 is a fully reusable rocket. Stage 3 a human-rated spacecraft. Elon understands the importance of launching big things in careful stages

Tesla Motors - I can't afford a Tesla or its stock (unless you folks help out and buy my book).  I just know the present when I see it.  We know how to make electric cars now and the tech will only improve and get cheaper.  Soon.  If like me you own a rolling gas tank, well, then you're driving an anachronism

Science Daily - Here's I keep smart.  I almost never come away from this site without hope.  Speaking of that, I want to say just one word to you, just one word.  Are you listening?  Graphene

The Keauhou Store - One of my favorite little places on the planet and a repository for authentic Hawaiian history.  It's both a local mini-market and museum, preserving a very personal piece of the Big Island's heritage. Kurt & Thea Brown are the proprietors and they have an online store too.  Check out the cool vintage ma

The Chesterfield Inn - A wonderful New England getaway located in Southern New Hampshire near the Connecticut River.  It also happens to be where my brother Chef Bob Nabstedt runs the restaurant, so I am a little biased.  Take a look at his seasonal menus and the wonderful photos and you'll see why.

Aviation History Related Web Sites.

*  The Boeing 377 Stratocruiser Site at ovi.ch   -  An excellent website dedicated to the Strat.  I've spent hundreds of hours there

*  Hawaii Aviation - An Archive of Historic Photos & Facts  - A virtual gold mine for Hawaiian Aviation History

*  Jon Proctor - Oh, Lucky Man!  - The storied career of one of commercial aviation history's greatest photographers.  I can never get enough of what this man writes and snaps

*  Aero Vintage Home Page  - Heaps of interesting and rare material for aviation history enthusiasts

Miami and Florida AVIATION Historical Photos Gallery -  A mess of a web site but filled with incredible items from the early days of Pan American and other things

*  Collect Air Aviation Air & Artifacts  - The web home of the Friend or Foe Museum in Santa Barbara (and a great aviation history source!)

*  Props, Pistons, Old Jets And the Good Ole Days of Flying -  A fine collection of hard to find stories and articles from the aforementioned period

*  Pan Am Historical Foundation  - A fantastic website dedicated to the Chosen Instrument.  Tons of interesting material

National Airline History Museum  - I've been a fan of these guys since they were simply 'Save-A-Connie'.  Now they are trying to preserve a whole lot more

*  Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation  - Dedicated to preserving the memory of that famous event.  Support these folks and let's get that C-97G of theirs off the ground

*  Fantasy of Flight - Museum and restoration facility for Kermit Week's vast collection of vintage aircraft.  This fortunate man actually does what I daydream about!

*  The A.J. Jackson Aviation Collection at Brooklands Museum  -  A vast repository of vintage aviation photography with an emphasis on civil aircraft

*  Warbirds News  - Keep up to date on all the latest in aircraft preservation.  Keep 'em flying!

The Noisy Dawn of the Jet Age  -  A remarkable account of how one acoustical consulting firm helped save the jetliner in America. (What I want to know is, where did those recordings they made wind up?"

*  ABCDList  - Now here's one that is often missed.  Want to know how many Douglas DSTs were made?  Find it here.  Not sure which Convair 880s TWA flew?  Look it up.   Everything you ever wanted to know about the production listings for every Airbus, Boeing, Convair or Douglas.  It's maintained too so you'll find B&Ws all the way to 787-9s.  Oh, and all those fat A380s Emirates bought too!

Other Interesting aviation websites and vintage photo collections.

*  Airliners.net -  The source for modern aviation photography plus some historical ones, the latest industry news items and lots of wildly speculative and unsubstantiated tiddle taddle.  If that's your thing

Propliner Aviation Magazine - Still around and kicking, smoking and stuttering, and still offering up great articles on the golden age

Airliner World Magazine - Good site for a very good magazine.  Thankfully the Brits still read over there so we still get to read their excellent periodicals.  The forums are terrific!

*  The Margo Duggan Collection  - A rare stockpile of more than 1,000 color photos taken between 1949 and 1954 documenting Hawaii and the Marshall and Marianas Islands. (University of Hawaii Manoa)

*  Charles W. Cushman Photograph Collection  - Stunning color photographs from across the United States taken by Mr. Cushman between 1940 and 1968. (Indiana University Archives)

Welcome Home Howard!  - The University of Las Vegas' tribute to Howard Hughes (yes, Las Vegas has a university).  If you are as curious about that tormented genius as I am you will enjoy this detailed site

Howard Hughes and Pseudoaddiction - Another must read on Hughes.  An expert MD in intractable pain management helps to demystify much of the reclusive aviator billionaire's strange behavior

*  H.A.M.B. -  Whether you call it the Jalopy Journal or the Hokey Ass Message Board it is one mother rabbit hole of a vintage photo forum.  Everything you can think off prior to 1967 (mostly) including aviation.  I started sifting through it when it was 238 pages long.  It's now creeping up on 5000! 

For the Flight Simulator Enthusiast.  (Come on!  You know who you are!)

A2A Wings of Silver B377 Stratocruiser  - I know.  I'm a Strato-fanatic but it truly is one of the best products ever created for Flight Simulator.  (Now if I could only figure out why Heidi the Stewardess serves my friends filet Mignon and I get meatloaf!)

PMDG  - Simply the most accurate and realistic flight simulation aircraft for the home yet produced.  What they've managed to squeeze out of the defunct seven year old FSX is remarkable, but they do need to start thinking about the future

X-Plane 10  - It took years for me to finally commit to learning this flight simulator and I am so glad I did.  It is a mature product keeps improving with every new revision, and they're even upping the eye candy now!

*  Flightsim.com -  Flightsim.com has been around for a long time and so have their servers.  They are a bit slow when downloading but at least you can peruse most of their content without logging in, handy for those who don't care to be forced into a firewalled environment just to see if what's inside is worth looking at.  Nobody's that special!