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In the future the past will never be the same...

By the end of the 25th Century few individuals had as storied a career as Doctor J. Burke.

An historian who mingled among her forebears through twenty different decades making discoveries and recovering lost artifacts, she was the last of the Historical Archive Collection's 'big three' antiquinauts.  The physical effects of quantum teleportation had grounded jovial Ike Chernovich in old San Francisco, companion Braham Lilienthal vanished without a trace three years before on a mysterious mission and the indifference of the Minders from the future who were best positioned to help left her with a weary cynicism.  Only the promise of a special mission, the brain child of rookie archivist Nathan Rialto, brought her back again.

It was Burke's specialty, the recovery of a glamorous old airliner from 1951 using a revolutionary type of teleport, and it happened in California as well.  She would gather together her favorite team of specialists, teach the rookie the ropes and perhaps along the way, contemplate a different kind of future with Ike.

From the moment it began it felt as if this whole mission had been created just for her...

                 ...and that was just the beginning of her problems! 

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